Prevention is better than cure How to reduce your risk of a sporting injury

injuryAchieving your personal best when you have a commitment and dedication to a sport is all important, and when you put precious hours into the training room, you want to come out of your event in the best possible shape, with your best possible time on the clock. Despite that, injuries can and do occur, and it’s important to understand the ways you can prevent possible injuries, in order to reach for the stars in your sporting genre of choice.

Injuries can range from minor niggles, to full on career stopping problems, and it generally depends on the sport, the injury sustained, and how it was sustained, as to what the severity of it is. Take tennis for example, a relatively low impact sport compared to some others, however it has the potential to cause around 54 injuries out of every 1000 matches – what if half of those were serious? That’s half the number of people who may never play again as a worst case scenario.

Reading that, you can understand now why it’s important to recognise what you can do to minimise risk overall.

There are several ways you can reduce the risk of suffering from a sporting injury, and the main theme is making sure your body is as strong as it can be prior to the event. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to be hugely successful in helping the body stay strong and healthy, as well as treating any potential misalignments and problems, through gentle, holistic treatments which create harmony throughout the musculoskeletal system.

Epping chiropractor Dr Gus Gunther established Balance Chiropractic with the sole aim of promoting the highly beneficial effects of chiropractic care, using gentle manual adjustments to the spinal area, strengthening muscles, including the all-important core muscles, and creating a strong protection against injury. On top of this, nutrition and lifestyle advice helps to create overall health and wellbeing, leaving the individual fighting fit and ready to face whatever their sport throws at them.

Regular chiropractic care is at the forefront of fighting sporting injuries these days, as well as other general routine-related areas, such as warming up adequately, and warming down, in addition to the correct supportive equipment and footwear used during training and competitive sport. Regular musculoskeletal screening can help identify problems early on, to treat before they become too serious or impact heavily on performance, as well as simpler treatments, such as ensuring correct nutrition and health.

If you’re concerned about injuries causing you a sporting set-back, or you simply want to beat your personal best and you’re struggling with an existing niggle, we could certainly help you get back on the road to competitive best. Call the practice now on (02) 9868 2509 to arrange an appointment to meet our friendly staff, and look forward to future filled with sporting glory, all without the worry of an injury holding back your potential glory.


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