Embrace pregnancy and enjoy the magic

preggyThere is no denying that although pregnancy is a wonderful time, it is also a worrying time, when expectant mothers and partners a) don’t know what to expect, b) underestimate the changes and hormonal effects, and c) simply worry for the sake of it about their unborn child.

This is all totally normal, but it’s important to take note of advice and minimise the worry and negative effects, such as discomfort, in order to enjoy the time for the magical event that it is.

There is no bigger miracle on earth than the birth of a child, and pregnancy should be embraced as a happy, joyous event. Here at Chatfield Chiropractic we see many expectant mothers with a variety of concerns, and offer help and advice to make pregnancy a more comfortable experience. Our Sunbury chiropractors are easily at hand to offer this advice, as well as our office in Roxburgh Park, making us easily accessible at all times.

It’s important to realise what is actually happening to the body during pregnancy, as this will help alleviate worries. If you know what’s happening, you understand things more. Basically, you know that your child is growing inside the womb, and throughout pregnancy a woman is expected, on average, to gain around 10-15kg. This extra weight can cause lower back pain, as well as general discomfort, and during the final stages of pregnancy many women report irritation of the sciatic nerve, as the baby’s head begins to put pressure on this area. The general centre of gravity also changes, which can increase the risk of trips and falls, so you can understand how it is important to make a few tweaks to your daily routine, in order to avoid this happening.

Learning to adapt isn’t hard once you understand the ways to do it, and exercise is a great first step. Of course, always talk to your doctor first, but on the whole it is said that swimming, stationary biking, and walking are good options in pregnancy, provided a session doesn’t exceed 15 minutes, and the heart rate doesn’t go over 140 beats per minute. You might wonder what is the point in exercising during pregnancy, because you’re going to put weight on anyway, but exercise helps strengthen the body to help it cope with the demands of pregnancy, and keeps excess weight gain at bay. On top of this, swapping your shoes to flats will help avoid trips and falls.

How you sleep is equally as important, and many women find sleeping on their left hand side beneficial, with a pillow between the legs to minimise any stress or pressure on the lower back. Sleeping on your left side also has the added effect of boosting blood flow, and helping to flush the kidneys more effectively.

These small adjustment to daily life can make pregnancy a much easier time as a result. If you are at all concerned, or want to discuss any aspect of discomfort in pregnancy, then call the practice now on Roxburgh Park (03) 9303 9952 or Sunbury (03) 9746 3977 to arrange an appointment. We believe in helping expectant mothers enjoy pregnancy for the wonder that it is.

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