When the world is spinning and you simply want to get off… How BPPV doesn’t have to be a life sentence

bbpvDizziness might sound like a condition which isn’t so serious, but try living with it and see how funny it is; put simply, persistent dizziness and vertigo is no laughing matter, and for those living with the rather upsetting symptoms, life is not at all fun, even the simplest of tasks become upsetting, and frustrating, leading to a rather dark road indeed.

A little like living life on a constant rollercoaster, but without the adrenaline fun of it all, dizziness is no picnic; there are several types of this condition, which adds to the complicated process of a firm diagnosis. One type of dizziness and vertigo, which is famously difficult and time-consuming to diagnose is called BPPV.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, to give it its full name, is one of the most common reasons for referral to a neurologist, and the symptoms of the condition affect daily life, including working life too. Even the smallest of tasks can be come frustrating and upsetting, and vertigo attacks can leave the sufferer feeling panic, which can all lead to a risk of psychological problems.

Diagnosis needs to be firm before treatment can begin, however diagnosis of this condition is time-consuming, which adds to frustration, and may lead the individual to feel they simply have to live with the condition, because the process is just too laborious and has no end result.

This is obviously not a reality, but you can understand why it may appear this way.

BPPV is caused by a build-up of endolymphatic debris within the semi-circular ear canals; this causes feelings of imbalance and dizziness, to varying degrees. To be diagnosed with the condition there needs to have been five attacks of vertigo which lasted for less than one minute, which must have been caused by positional changes of the head. Once this diagnosis is made, treatment can begin.

How is BPPV treated?

A highly skilled chiropractor will be able to give you relief from your BPPV symptoms, using a variety of complex positional manoeuvres, such as the Epley, Semont, and Gufoni manoeuvres. These changes in position help to clear the debris which causes the symptoms of BPPV, paving the way to a symptom-free life. On top of this, further visual exercises can be taught to help with balance issues, and relieve dizziness.

Help is at hand

Whilst dizziness might not be taken so seriously by many, they clearly haven’t suffered with it. Dizziness and vertigo is upsetting, it is frustrating, and it impacts on quality of life to a large degree. There is no need to suffer in silence, and help is certainly at hand. Call us today and let us assess, diagnose, and begin treatment.

Life on that endless rollercoaster might sound like a thrill a minute, but in reality, dizziness can leave your head spinning in the most unpleasant of ways.

Don’t delay, call today!

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