Men’s Fitness Tips – Our Top 5

men workoutMen’s fitness is very important especially when they start to get older. It is important to keep your fitness levels up with sport and activity, as well as good nutrition is want to fight old age and maintain a healthy body as you get older. The main issue is that many men do not workout properly or are not getting the most out of their workouts. There is a lot to get right when you are working out and, as well as routine, you also need to get your nutrition right so that your body is fuelled with the right stuff. Recovery is also important and you should be getting regular sports and spinal physio to make sure you’re recovering and repairing after intense workouts. This article will explain 5 ways you can improve your fitness and get more from the gym.

Try Finding a Fitness Friend

One of the best ways to improve your fitness is to find a friend to workout with. This is particularly important if you are lacking motivation and need that extra competition to keep going. Your workout friend can be anyone you want and can even be someone like your girlfriend or sibling. It may also be good to have a friend who is more advanced than you because they will push you to your limits and will help you achieve your workout goals.

Cook Simple and Effectively

It is important to maintain a solid nutritional plan when you are trying to stay or get fit and that means that you need to be reading the nutritional information on packaging and keeping your cooking simple. Any professional and sports and spinal physio expert will tell you that the best foods are the simple ones, for example, chicken and rice. You should be mixing up your diet with new foods to keep things interesting as well. Try cooking with healthy oils and fats and try to avoid deep-frying and breading.

Don’t Overwork with Cardio

You need to keep your cardio simple as well. You don’t need to be going mad on the cardio because not only will it be ineffective but you may injure yourself and may need a trip to a sports and spinal physio specialist. Try something simple like running. It is recommended that you start off slow and possibly walking and then move up to faster runs and bigger distances. This is so you don’t hurt yourself and so you can prepare your body for harsher workouts.

Don’t Eat Big

You need to be able to resist the huge portion sizes and stick to something smaller. You should not be stuffing yourself with lot of meat and food because this can ruin your diet and stretch your stomach. If you are going out for a meal you should be only eating half of the meal and saving the rest for the next day. Weigh your food before you eat it at home – there are plenty of tools and ways to measure your portions so you don’t overeat.

Get Sports Physio

Getting hurt is something that nobody wants to do but if you’re a beginner chances are that you will end up injuring yourself at some point in time. If you do you should see a sports and spinal physio expert who will be able to align your bones and joints so that you can heal a lot quicker. The process is quick and the physiotherapist can give you some tips for preventing injury in the future. A quick trip can result in a lot of benefit for a beginner so we recommend you visit one on your first proper injury.

Hopefully, these tips help you with your fitness workouts. If you are need of physiotherapy, call 9144-1510 now to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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