Keep Back Pain at Bay with Optimal Work Postures in the Workstation

back painMusculoskeletal pain is an alarming problem that office goers suffer from due to incorrect working posture and prolonged periods of sitting. Your Sunbury chiropractor can play a key role in preventing the development of musculoskeletal problems by giving valuable tips on good working positions. He effectively can treat back pain by hands-on-manipulation of your spine.

Some Good Posture Suggestions while Working in Office for Reducing Back Pain

Back pain can result from an array of causes such as accidents, muscle strain, sports injury, repeated stress or postural strain. Asedentary lifestyle in which office employees remain bound to the work chairs for hours contribute greatly to back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.

For lowering your back pain you can take the help of your Sunbury Chiropractor. With his hands-on spine manipulative technique, he can provide great relief to those suffering from various kinds of musculoskeletal pain.

Here are some optimal sitting position ideas for reducing back pain.

o   Make sure your ears are in line with the shoulders while you are at work in your office. Avoid leaning too much backward or forwards while working.

o   Take the suggestion of your Sunbury chiropractor and practice the chest and shoulder exercises.

o   Practice good sitting posture while working, such as avoid crossing your legs and instead keep them flat on the ground. If you feel uncomfortable to keep your feet flat and touching the ground, make arrangement for a makeshift prop such as thick boots or laptop stand.

o   It is a good idea to draw your shoulder blades down and back whileyou keep your chest out and up. This would help in developing rounded shoulders.

o   Lumbar support is mandatory while you are working in your office.  You can use a lumbar support pillow as it would help you in supportingyour spine. You would be compelled to attain the right sitting posture every time you sit on your chair to work.  You can even use rolledup or a folded towel for the same purpose.

o   Sitting for an extended period of time at your desk causes sluggish blood flow, weakening of the abdominal muscles and thinning oof bones. Thus incorporate mini walks in your schedule. You should seven make a habit of moving around from your workstation every hour. Make more use of the stairs than the elevator.

What is the Role of a Sunbury Chiropractor in Reducing Back Pain?

The Sunbury chiropractor is a healthcare expert who can successfully diagnose your musculoskeletal disorder and provide the required treatment by hands-on spinal manipulation. He first takes the case history of the patient and then makes him lie down on a special table where he performs the spinal adjustments. It takes about 2-3 sessions to recover from back pain. This treatment is effective for subacute back pain, neck pain as well as back pain flare-ups.

Get immediate relief from excruciating back pain, neck pain or any other type of musculoskeletal pain by calling up Roxburgh Park (03) 9303 9952 or Sunbury (03) 9746 3977 and set up an appointment with an accomplished Sunbury chiropractor.


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