Clinical Pilates: The Ever-Increasing Fame and the Reasons behind It

clinical-pilatesClinical Pilates is famous for being an effective and safe form of exercise which caters to your personalized needs. Clinical Pilates is well-known and is used by the physiotherapists to treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries; from chronic back pain to Dysautonomia, and from hypermobility to serious fatigue syndrome. Clinical Pilates aggravates your balance, stability, movement, overall function, and posture.

What Is So Unique About Clinical Pilates?

The exercises recommended by the Clinical Pilates program or CWP are quite superior and are specific for each person. The exercises that you are advised depends on your present level of fitness, preference of direction, and your goal of treatment ( which is basically all about minimizing your pain, eradicating your problem and improving your movement).

Clinical Pilates doles out effective, safe, and specific exercises catered to all age groups. There are different stages in the program and you need to diligently follow the recommendations for improved healing, strength, and control.

How is Clinical Pilates a Better Option than Regular Pilates?

There are basically two major differences between Regular Pilates and Clinical Pilates:

  • Regular Pilates is all about some standard exercises, while on the other hand, the exercises offered by Clinical Pilates are quite specific and caters to the needs of an individual. This indicates that a standard Pilate program would include exercises that are non-specific (i.e-multi directional). Clinical Pilates conducts programs that is directional and would thus aggravate the positive outcome.


  • Clinical Pilatesis supervised and prescribed by a Physiotherapist who in turn arehighly qualified (Stott and DMA are two common governing bodies that specialists are qualified with in Australia). This is quite important because unlike regular Pilate instructors, physiotherapists have a thorough knowledge of injury, healing, and various bodily functions and are better equipped to solve a problem.

The Program: An Overview

Initial Assessment –This is the initial session with one of the experts to understand your requirements and your body’s current state. Also, the idea is to understand the reaction of the body to various tests and come up with the best remedy.

Supervised Sessions – Once it is understood and concluded what suits your body the best, the exercises are prescribed and you need to perform them under the watchful eyes of the high-skilled physiotherapists. The end goal is stressed upon and it is ensured that the supervised sessions are fruitful.

Independent Sessions –These sessions are a part of the procedure after you become well-versed with the exercise techniques and the associated equipment’s.


How is Clinical Pilates Useful?

The best part of Clinical Pilates is the positive result which it has on our body. Clinical Pilates is actually a form of exercise which is based on evidence and is undertaken to treat spinal pain, chronic lower back pain, and other injuries

Clinical Pilates has always been seen to improve the flexibility and stability besides preventing injuries, toning and strengthening muscles and also increasing the density of bone.

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