Sports Medicine – A Specialised Field

sports-medicineIn recent years, the practice of sports and exercise medicine has evolved. It has gradually developed into an interesting option of specialisation for medical graduates. It covers a wide variety of topics. There’s diagnosis, rehabilitation, management of injuries and health management in unfamiliar environments. That last topic refers to the problem facing sports players who must compete in an unfamiliar altitude or time zone. Athletes and players must follow advice from a doctor specialising in sports medicine.


How Can Sports Be Dangerous?

In many different areas of life, there may be some possibility of accidents and injuries. Some situations are more prone to injury than others. When walking on an open road, you must stay alert at all times to prevent a moving vehicle from knocking you down. This is a very random example. Sports and exercise can result in physical injury if one doesn’t take due care. And even if one takes care, accidents may still occur. This could either be from an unforeseen happening, such as a ball hitting the body with great force. Or you could suffer a fall or pull a muscle while playing a match. Injury can also occur from over-exertion during a game or during exercise. Sportsmen and women must take advice from medical professionals qualified in sports medicine.


Sports Injuries

As mentioned, sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, sports injuries still occur. The doctor’s job is to diagnose the injury and oversee the treatment. The sportsperson can check in with the doctor during the management of the treatment. It is not advisable to return to playing or exercise until the doctor has given permission. Sports accidents can cause pulled muscles, torn ligaments and sprains. The doctor and physiotherapist can help a patient to make a full recovery.


Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a branch of physical therapy. It deals with the health of athletes and sports persons. It trains the body to cope with stress and improves its strength and durability. The long term practise of sports physiotherapy produces benefits. The main benefit is the ability to perform better in sports and games. It can also lessen the probability of suffering injury while playing. The practise of sports physiotherapy is a boon to players and athletes.


Sports and Spinal Physio Clinics

There are many sports and spinal physio clinics opening up around the world. They offer a complete physiotherapy service. They serve people who practise sports and athletics. They also serve people who are recovering from various injuries. Some of these clinics offer different exercise and treatment programmes. Many clinics offer exercise classes in disciplines like pilates and yoga. These exercise systems improve the flexibility of the body and enhance sports performance.


Prevention and Cure

Both sports medicine and sports physiotherapy aim to prevent injury and enhance performance. Healing and rehabilitation are other worthwhile aims. As common wisdom has always taught us, ‘prevention is better than cure’.


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