Best Treatment for Sciatica


Sciatica is one of the main complains that many patients present their doctors with, and most of them describe it a certain pain that hurts some point of their leg, shoulder and back. You might also have heard friends of family members describing such kind of a pain at some point in their life. Well, this article will give you an overview of what that pain is and the best way to treat it.

What is Sciatica?

This is a symptom of an underlying medical condition and a patient presents with pain that might affect the leg, shoulder or even back. The pain might be in either one or both legs and it really hurts. The main cause of this pain is any pinching of the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs all the way from the back of the pelvis, goes through the gluteus and then down both legs. If this nerve is pinched at any point then a person might experience pain. There are also other causes of this condition which include:

  • Piriformis syndrome-within the gluteus there is a muscle known as piriformis and in case this muscle gets too tight the sciatic nerve might get interrupted which will lead to pain
  • Trapped nerve in the spine specifically in between the lumbar spine
  • Disc herniation-a disc in the spine might slip outside and press on the sciatic nerve

The Most Common Symptoms

There are various signs and symptoms of this condition but mainly the pain starts in a person’s lower back and then it goes down into the thigh, and in some people it might extend to the legs, feet and toes. Here are the most common symptoms of this condition:

  • A tingling or burning sensation in the affected areas
  • Numbness or weakness of legs or buttocks
  • A constant pain in either the buttocks or the rear side of the leg
  • A sharp pain originating from the buttocks down to the legs or toes
  • Pain that gets worse when a person is seated

Sciatica Treatment

The cause of this condition might have been brought about by other reasons for instance due to an injury to the spine. There are various sciatica treatment processes and these are chiropractic adjustments, stretching, and massage. This is such a great combination that treats any misalignments of the spine or the pelvis hence the nerves will be relieved of any pressure. For example chiropractic adjustments are a good treatment of disc herniation and this is one of the causes of this condition. The massage and stretching might help to relax a patient’s gluteus and back muscles. This means that the sciatic nerve will be free of any pinching along these areas.

However, it is also advisable that the patient undergoes a neurological examination to determine the main condition that could be causing this symptom since there could be another underlying illness causing the pain. This is a chiropractic condition and chiropractors are always ready to assist patients to get comfort and get the pain relieved for good.