Sports Medicine – A Specialised Field

In recent years, the practice of sports and exercise medicine has evolved. It has gradually developed into an interesting option of specialisation for medical graduates. It covers a wide variety of topics. There’s diagnosis, rehabilitation, management of injuries and health management in unfamiliar environments. That last topic refers to the problem facing sports players who […]

The Dangers of Snoring

One in five adults, and more than half of men over the age of 40, snore regularly. It may seem relatively harmless, but snoring does more than just keep your partner away, it can increase your risk of a variety of serious health conditions. Before you dismiss your snoring as a harmless annoyance, know this: […]

Tips to prevent Cycling Injuries

Injuries are part and parcel of a sportsperson’s life, and cycling is no different. Often injuries are caused due to prolonged usage or bad posture, and a simple remedy is to rectify the improper cycling position. However, some injuries can be little more complex, and the help of a medical practitioner may be required. Here, […]

Men’s Fitness Tips – Our Top 5

Men’s fitness is very important especially when they start to get older. It is important to keep your fitness levels up with sport and activity, as well as good nutrition is want to fight old age and maintain a healthy body as you get older. The main issue is that many men do not workout […]